If you are in doubt about the status of  HostGator, then its true that HostGator is down for a long time today !

It seems there was a huge Network issue at the Data Centre Provo where HostGator ‘s servers were got migrated recently by the parent company EIG who owns the HostGator along with few other popular Web Hosting Brands !

Many screaming that HostGator is getting worse in the past recent months, especially after getting acquired by EIG. Its almost true and I personally experienced it. I don’t want to complain, this situations may arise while doing migration / upgrading. But a good Service Provider must give prior announcement or atleast should open the mouth once the issue raised. In the HostGator case nothing happened.

HostGator wasn’t like this before ! That’s many of us thinking for now which is the root cause for the thought of getting migrated to a New Web Hosting Provider !

Lets come to discuss about the best alternative to HostGator now. I have been trying different Web Hosting companies over the last 10+ years and found HostGator was the much reliable but now its not. Finally before two months a friend introduced me to DigitalOcean where we can create our VPS just in seconds with the flavor of Linux Distribution we want.

Click here to read more about DigitalOcean…

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